Finishing the year in the properly academically and behaviorally. Starting on Monday, April 16, 2018, we will be strictly enforcing dress code. That means uniform shirts will be worn, Monday through Thursday, and the option for spirit shirts will be on Friday’s only. There will be NO JEANS, JEGGINGS, LEGGINGS, OR TIGHTS! Non-Harmony jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies will be prohibited in the halls, classrooms, cafeteria, and gym.
We will also begin to strictly enforce our cell phone and ear bud/phone policy. This means any cell phone confiscated will be given directly to the front office and parents will need to pay $10.00, by credit card or cashier check, to the front office to receive the phone. We will also not allow head phone, ear phone, ear buds inside the halls, classroom, cafeteria, or gym at any time during school hours.
We believe that ending the year just slightly stricter will help us, and the students, maintain their focus on what matters…their education. We want to thank all the students for their confidence and commitment to Harmony School of Business.